Jessica is not just an interior design expert, she is a wizard in optimizing space, layouts and problem solving. She started by really getting a feel for how I use my kitchen with an initial consult. We spent time looking at the space and got a deeper understanding for the issues I was hoping to solve with a remodel. Jessica took the time to really listen to my needs before coming up with a layout and was open to my feedback. In addition, she was brilliant in helping me hone in on a look and feel for my kitchen. Throughout the entire remodel, Jessica was there to ensure the final product was exactly what we had planned. Without Jessica's expertise, we would not have found such an elegant solution to our space problem. I can't recommend her enough!   


We recently completed a kitchen remodel in our 1980’s split style home. Iron River shared details during our initial meeting on how having Jessica engaged during the project might be an option. We determined this wasn’t an option, this was a must do! Her time was one of the best investments we made! There were many tough decisions that would have been so much harder without her by our side. For anyone that is new to the process, she is able to listen to your ideas and translate them into something the team can actually execute on! It was great to have her on site throughout the process, as she was able to guide the team to alter design plans, as issues came up during construction. She is patient, easy to work with and a talented individual!

We still walk into our kitchen and are amazed by the transformation! We enjoy cooking and hanging out and are no longer tripping over each other. Of course we’re happy with all of our new granite, tile, cabinets, etc. However, the key was the new flow. While we didn’t change the footprint of the kitchen, moving key appliances around and changing the space where the “traffic” areas are made a huge difference. During the remodel we knew it was a good decision, now that we’re actually using the kitchen, we know it was the RIGHT decision. Jessica was key to many of these design decisions that made all of the difference – we appreciated all of her ideas and ability to brainstorm with us. She was able to transform our vision into something we will be happy with for years to come!


I wanted to remodel my kitchen, but was afraid of making a terrible mistake. I was fortunate enough to get Jessica Cook of JLC Remodel Consulting & Interior Design involved. She came to my home with fresh ideas that really made sense. We came up with a design that, after all was said and done, made my kitchen the heart of my home and I feel like I would never have gotten there were it not for Jessica’s help. She walked my husband and I through the design of the kitchen, the layout of the cabinets, then the countertop choice, the backsplash, and finally, the paint color and with her guidance, everything came together beautifully. We are just thrilled with our new kitchen. Not only is it gorgeous, but it is so much more functional than it was before. Looking back, I realize that Jessica didn’t make the choices for us; although I am sure she could and would have if I had asked that of her, but she guided us without being at all pushy or overbearing. She didn’t try to push her preferences onto us either. She made what seemed like an overwhelming task at the time, really easy. In the not too distant future, we will be remodeling our bathroom and I look forward to working with Jessica on that project as well. Whether a person needs a little handholding or a lot of help (like me), I can’t recommend Jessica highly enough! Thank you Jessica!!


Jessica did a fabulous job helping to redesign and remodel our master bathroom. While it is a small space, she helped to make it appear larger by suggesting the moving of a shower wall, and by the design and placement of the ceramic tile on the walls and the floor. We wanted our new our new bathroom to have a feeling of calm and peacefulness, and she definitely helped us achieve this! From the fixtures, to the lighting, to the cabinetry, to the colors, everything coordinated beautifully. We would not hesitate to hire Jessica for our next interior design/remodeling project.


From the beginning of our project all the way through Jessica was an invaluable resource.  She was great with suggestions as how to lay the office out and what colors and themes would work well in our new space.  Her 3D renditions were exactly how the office turned out.  We could not be happier with JLC Design.  Very professional, and exactly what we needed.  We will be having Jessica layout our next office as well I am sure. She took all the guess work out of our project. Invaluable. 

~Chris Freed, Owner


Jessica provided interior design services at my home which included choosing furniture, wall colors (paint and wallpaper), rugs and a bathroom re-model. In total she led the way with with redesigning 9 different rooms. And the results are beautiful!

She took the time to understand my preferences and the direction I wanted to go with the house - and the amount of help I wanted from her. With those parameters she drove the process in a very professional and efficient manner. She made multiple trips to my house and we made multiple shopping trips together. Her manner of working was quick, but not hurried, and to the point. She had a job to do and she was focused on it.

At times she was encouraging (like when I was nervous about choosing a bold color for a room) and at others she made a strong recommendation. She was the exact perfect amount of flexible.

When we went shopping for furniture she was a force to be reckoned with... she knew exactly where to go within the stores and had an uncanny memory of what I told her I liked and didn't like. I'd be lost and dizzy in a store and she knew it like the back of her hand. The store employees could tell from the way she carries herself that she's a pro and knows what she wants. They gave her instant respect and even provided a discount that paid for much of her services.

I am so happy with the results of the colors on my walls, the furniture we chose and the rugs we laid down. Jessica was an instrumental part of making my house such a clear reflection of who I am.



We enlisted Jessica‘s help with our entryway design for many reasons. Our original entryway was only a small closet where we stuffed all of our jackets, boots, shoes, hats and gloves. We have three young children and we were in search for a much better way to utilize the space. Jessica designed a functional entryway that we absolutely love! We now have drawers for shoes, hooks for jackets and bags, extra storage on top and a bench where the children can sit and put shoes on. If you are looking for an entryway that you love every time you walk into your home, then you definitely need to call Jessica!


My wife had a vision for our foyer and staircase custom renovation project that I had a hard time grasping. Jessica was able to take my wife’s general ideas and translate them into a 3D design that helped me understand the plan. This turned out to be very useful for the carpenter to get it right as well. Jessica listens to us and yet made several recommendations that we agreed were improvements to our plan. This project also included new carpeting and Jessica suggested a color we would have never considered. We are very pleased with the outcome of the project. Although Jessica had clear opinions on many aspects of the project, she did not push her ideas on us and was a delight to work with.

Jessica also brought in a photographer at the conclusion of the project to display the project on her website. Several months later, I found photographs of our foyer, living room and staircase on Houzz. We have arrived!


Thank you so much for all of your help while we were trying to figure out what to do with the front of our home. You and your computer tools helped us see what our house would look like with several different options PRIOR to making changes. This way we knew before the work was done, what the outcome would be. Now that the changes have been made and the painting is done, it looks like a completely different house! We have had so many compliments on it – we have even had total strangers stop to say something to us as they ride by on the bicycles!! Your work saved us the expense of doing something and then having to change it because we didn’t like it. We love our new home and we can’t thank you enough! I would encourage anyone looking to making a change to their home, whether inside or out, to meet with you first. I know that you saved us lots of time and money! Thank you again!


When we originally thought about putting the bathroom in a dormer upstairs in our new (old) house, we weren’t so sure. With a little creative thinking and some planning, it turned out better than we could have imagined. It’s very spacious and fits right in with the style of the house. It was a lot of fun and it turned out great!  


I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for your talented  work in renovating our two bathrooms and helping with carpet and paint selection for the family room and den.  The final outcome of the bathrooms far exceed my expectations.  The designs are very functional and are truly beautiful.  We could have never accomplish this on our own.  Thanks so much! 


Our main floor powder bath was a typical builder grade bathroom with just a toilet and pedestal sink. We have young kids so the walls were splattered with water marks and the paint was cheap and boring. We love to entertain so it was time to upgrade our powder bath for ourselves and our guests! Jessica came in with amazing ideas to bring our bathroom to a whole new level. We now have storage in our new vanity, wainscoting to eliminate the water marks, and a beautiful wallpaper that gives the bathroom elegance! If you need an upgraded bathroom design you should absolutely call Jessica for assistance!


I decided to remodel my 1950’s main floor bathroom and didn’t have a real good idea what I wanted. It was overwhelming to know where to begin. I had no idea how to combine the expansive choice of colors of tile and vanity options and fixtures. I was fortunate to meet Jessica. She listened to me and guided me on every choice that I made. She spent time with me shopping at tile stores and plumbing showrooms, both of which were very intimidating. I credit my beautiful bathroom to Jessica’s professionalism and style! 


We love the way it all turned out. My daughter-in-law couldn’t believe how beautiful it is. She thought I saw a photo somewhere and just copied it. I gave you all the credit.